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Our next board meeting will be on November 11th at 6pm in the visitors center

Alcoa’s Month of Service project at Panther Creek
​This past weekend, volunteers from Alcoa Howmet, AMBA (Alcoa Mountain Bike Association), FRCC (Five Rivers Cycling Club) and Rocky Top Bicycles donated their time and labor on a trail improvement project at Panther Creek State Park. Although the weather forecast didn’t look promising, the spirit of the volunteers stilled shined through. They spent two days hauling rock and gravel to the lower section of Trout Lily Trail also known as “the Rock Garden”. This section of trail is popular with the mountain bikers who enjoy more of a technical challenge when riding. Over time, parts of the trail had been washed out exposing roots and creating ruts that made the trail difficult and unsafe for visitors and the novice riders.
​This project is only one of the Month of Service projects that Alcoa Howmet will be conducting through the month of October. It qualified Friends of Panther Creek State Park for an Alcoa action grant to be utilized for future park improvements and to promote mountain biking in the community. All trail maintenance was approved by the park manager.
IMG_3066.JPGPictured Left to Right: Guillermo Fuentes, Matt Fong, Ginger Wilcox, Josh Wilcox, Marty Worthington, Tuney Johnson, Timmy Waites, Chris Battig, and David Frazee

 We are currently raising funds to upgrade the volleyball court. Cost of the upgrades will cost $2,000. Email the board or stop by the park office to make a donation.
Upgrades would include:
- Install a new border
- Deliver more sand
- Replace current equipment

Upcoming Events
 Click here to visit Panther Creek’s upcoming events page on the TDEC (state) website.

About Friends Groups

In 1993, Tennessee passed legislation authorizing private, non-profit groups to organize for “maintaining and enhancing the purposes, programs and functions of the state park system”. These groups, more commonly known as Friends, are concerned citizens who have banded together to assist in protecting, preserving and promoting the beauty and the splendor of their favorite state park. They give selflessly of their time, talents and energy to help ensure the park’s integrity is intact for future generations to enjoy.

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SAMSUNG(Picture courtesy of Park Ranger Jammie)

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  1. Lana Rossi says:

    Great JOB! Love your new website.

  2. I Live on Cedar Hill, close to the park and we love it!! My grandson especially enjoys a picnic lunch at the play area!! We enjoy the park all year long and appreciate the great job allof you do in providing it for the community. Thank you for such a great place for kids and families to grow with nature!!

  3. Ellen Crum says:

    looking for a place to ride bikes was told it was a great place to ride

    • admin says:

      We have multi use trails that are bike friendly. Check out the trails page under “the park” header. You can print a map there or stop by the visitor center for a trail map. Our trails go from easy to extreme so a map will be your best friend. You are also permitted to ride your bike on the roads within the park. I would recommend wearing protective gear, at the least a helmet.

      I hope you enjoy your time at the park. If you have any questions call or stop by the park office. We have a local bike club that not only blazes the trails, but they also help with trail maintenance. If you want to get in touch with them please reply and I’ll share contact info. Thanks again. Isaac

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