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Friends' Overlook project featured in Knoxville News Sentinel, click here to read.

Friends Group

    The Friends of Panther Creek is a non-profit organization established in 1995 consisting of private citizens and corporations who support preserving our park's natural and cultural resources.  In April 2008, our Group was recognized by James Fyke, Commissioner, Department of Environment and Conservation with the 2007 State Parks Gold Medal Award.

     You can be directly involved and support Panther Creek State Park through volunteer work with our Friends group and financial/membership donations, thus helping to create and maintain a strong community connection with the park and leaving a legacy for future generations.

     Please join now (print and mail) and help improve this natural treasure nestled right here in your own back yard.  Your ideas and vision are important to us.  You can participate in Friends' meetings (you have a vote!), fundraisers and serve on committees for special park projects.  You can make a difference!  The amount of involvement is up to you. 

All donations are tax-deductible!


Friends Mission:

     "To support, improve, protect and preserve the character of Panther Creek State Park and to participate in activities for the betterment of said park.  To educate the public about the unique qualities of the park, including the natural, geological, biological, cultural, historical, educational and recreational features which should be preserved and protected for the use and enjoyment of this and future generations of Tennessee."


     It was a only a few years ago that our community was in jeopardy of losing our State Park.  As you are probably aware, due to budget cuts, Panther Creek State Park was one of 14 Tennessee state parks closed.  These closures, according to the Governor's office was to save some 3.2 million dollars.  Many people feel the closures were more for political reasons. 

     The friends group and the community rallied together to try and prevent our park from closing.  Petitions were signed by over 10,335 people protesting the closing of Panther Creek.  We are blessed to have this beautiful park in our community and it is important that our children and grandchildren get to experience this natural resource as well.   Thank you for your support!



   The original Steering Committee met in 1995 to plan the future of the Friends group and the park. The Friends Constitution and Bylaws have been a template used by many other Friends groups in Tennessee. 

(This picture from the Citizen Tribune)


2020 Friends of Panther Creek State Park