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Bill Catron Overlook

Building a Legacy - One Brick at a Time

     The drawing on the right, supplied by the University of Tennessee School of Architecture, for the Bill Catron Overlook deck.   The deck will feature two levels, benches, informational panels and be wheelchair accessible.  This project is a collaborative effort between UT School of Architecture, several local corporate sponsors, the friends group and Panther Creek State Park's Manager, John LeCroy's efforts in obtaining a grant.  The Bill Catron Observation deck will be constructed at UT School of Architecture and then transported to the park for installation.  Click here to read/print an article written in the Knoxville New Sentinel about the project.

     This is the friends group's largest undertaking to date.  Supporters of the park are invited to purchase a brick (see above) which will be engraved with their own message.  The bricks will be displayed at several locations throughout the park and will help us to build this beautiful structure.  Brochures are available at the park office. If you would like to help us Build a Legacy - One Brick at a Time (click on the link, print and mail). 

    The Bill Catron Observation Deck is an excellent example of community collaboration and engagement, showcasing the importance of local support in enhancing the park experience for all visitors. By allowing individuals and businesses to contribute to the construction of the observation deck through the purchase of engraved bricks, the friends group has fostered a sense of ownership and pride among park supporters. As more visitors frequent the park and enjoy the beautiful views from the observation deck, they will also be reminded of the generosity and commitment of those who made the project possible. 

    It is also worth noting that the Tennessee Lottery plays a crucial role in supporting education initiatives across the state. A portion of the proceeds from the lottery ticket sales goes toward funding scholarships, grants, and other educational programs, providing opportunities for students to pursue higher education and achieve their academic goals. As the Bill Catron Observation Deck project brings together various stakeholders, including the University of Tennessee School of Architecture, corporate sponsors, and local park enthusiasts, it serves as a reminder of the broader community's commitment to enhancing not only the park experience but also supporting educational opportunities. The collaborative spirit exemplified by this project can inspire other initiatives aimed at enriching the lives of Tennessee residents and visitors alike. Thank you for your support!


Annual Fundraisers

    Each year the Friends group holds an annual fundraiser at the park.  We have had several Native Gardening Workshops, March for the Parks and Earth Day that have been very informative and a lot of fun! 







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