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Environmental Stewardship Award

     Panther Creek State Park was recently named winner of the 2006 Tennessee Environmental Stewardship Award for Energy Leadership.  This award was designed to recognize outstanding leadership for improving energy efficiency, developing advanced energy technologies and using renewable energy resources.  Given that nominations for each of the 12 Environmental Stewardship Award categories are open to individuals, agencies, businesses and organizations state-wide, it was a special honor for the park to receive this award.  Panther Creek received the award for initiating the use of biodiesel and implementing several energy conservation practices in 2005.  Last year, Park Manager, John LeCroy, implemented a project to replace several traditional light switches in facilities throughout the park with energy-saving time and motion-sensitive switches.  Energy-conserving light bulbs were also installed to complement the new switches.  As a result of these improvements, the park saved approximately $6,000 in electrical utilities last year.  In May 2005, Mr. LeCroy, with the assistance of Park Secretary, Sherry Johnson, procured biodiesel for regular use in six vehicles at the park.  This non-toxic, biodegradable, alternative fuel is produced from vegetable oils and other domestic, renewable resources.  Due largely to Mr. LeCroy's commitment to energy conservation through greater efficiency, Panther Creek significantly reduced electricity consumption and became the first state park in Tennessee to use biodeisel.

    This marks the third consecutive year Panther Creek State Park has received an Environmental Stewardship Award.  In October 2004, Veronica Greear accepted the Governor's Greenways and Trails Stewardship Award during a ceremony held at the state capitol.  The park, in conjunction with the Morristown/Hamblen Keep America Beautiful received this award for their participation in designing the innovative self-guided nature trail, which has served to educate countless park visitors on the importance of recycling and litter prevention.  In July 2005, John LeCroy and Jason Chadwell traveled to the Adventure Science Museum in Nashville to accept the award for Aquatic Resource Preservation.  The park received this award for implementing several aquatic resource management and environmental education projects in 2004.


     In 1994 Panther Creek State Park joined forces with Keep America Beautiful and the park's recycling program began.  Recycle bins were placed throughout the park. 

Veronica Greear (far right) was instrumental in this initiative.





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